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Finding the right one online

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11 hours ago, elmo1982 said:

Oh dear. You could mention that you are not interested in ladyboys in your profile (as a direct question seemed too insulting to me), and they still ignore that. It happened twice on my last trip that we already agreed to meet when suddenly: "Btw, are you ok with transgender?":571c66d400c8c_1(103):

If they want to be a ladyboy, more power to them, but at least they should be straightforward with it. Because this already started to influence my complete dating and I started to wonder with every second girl: "Hm, she has kind of male features, doesn't she?" :89: Then when I asked one girl directly, she replied "F*** you!"

And I may not start about their notorious unreliability..:biggrin:

Like you, I would be uncomfortable with asking directly but you can get around this by mentioning previous experiences, real or imagined, of chatting online with someone who turned out not to be what they seemed and making it clear you're not into that.  I'm sure that would send a clear message and resolve the issue 99.9% of the time.  

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I got together with my Mrs through DIA...back in 2011. (We met face to face in Feb. 2012).  It was a minefield then, so I can only imagine what it must be like now. :unsure:

One does develop 6th sense 'skills' after a while though.  





DIA real pic.JPG



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