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Thoughts required. Emergency exit to Canada at least for a few months

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46 minutes ago, Shol said:

Thing is I need to leave soon.  It's a critical situation.

Then worry about going and forget about the 13a.

Its a Catholic country.  They are used to people asking for forgiveness after the fact rather than permission before doing what they want.  You will be forgiven upon your re-arrival so long as you pay the appropriate "pennance".

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6 hours ago, Shol said:

Next up is the Travel Pass. I am reading conflicting information on that you need one with 13a but not if you have ECC.  I called and found out that you can get ECC at airport with 13a but am worried if I don't end up securing a travel pass might be denied boarding.  Anyone with experience / insights?

I am pretty sure I read you get an EEC and that will be your return entry or allow 13a holders back. But maybe I'm wrong so best to go to BI Facebook and Private message them. They will answer.

Also since you are married to a Filipina the last time I looked you are allowed back in but things change often. Spouse of Filipino or father of Filipino children but since you are talking maybe you wont be back until sometime next year, well too far into the future to know what will change but do what you need to do for your mother, the rest will take care of itself.

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