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Health Insurance for retirees living permanently in PI

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Living on social security I need something that doesn't escalate after age 75 and 80 - at those ages I wouldn't be able to eat with the increase.  I have heard to not rely on just the Phil health but to have private insurance as well.  So far Pacific Prime and Pacific Cross are the only ones with affordable coverage at age 60, 65; but it really goes up fast after that.  
Does anyone have some insight on coverages that don't escalate rapidly after age 70/5/80?  

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For what they want for seniors health insurance in the Philippines it might be easier to put cash in a bank account and just get Phil Health.

Then if (when) something goes wrong draw down on it.


YMMV of course. 

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Welcome to the forum Dragonfly.

Geoff's suggestion is practical. 

Some medicare plans will cover you in Philippines for example Primera Blue Shield. Yes, it's not cheap starting at ~$300 USD a month. 

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My health insurance is with Cigna.. covers me worldwide except for US. Prices have been going up about 10% each years for past 5 years.. I'm in mid 60s....I too have concerns about what the costs will be post 70. So far Cigna is definitely winning at the moment in terms of amount paid and refunds received, given that in past 4 years Ive only used them for a few outpatient visits... but of course if I get a major problem /illness then I start to recoup my costs.

Its a really hard one to decide what to do.. given the state of Philippines hospitals and the treatment inside crowded wards I wouldn't put much faith in Phil Health.... private help is the way to go . I know a few expats with Pacific Cross and they seem well served but slow to reimburse and require lots documentation.


Theres no easy path to follow in terms of medical insurance for healthy ( for now !) expats here in Philippines.

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I just make sure there is enough cash in the bank to pay for an atheist's funeral.  (A couple of guys with spades to dig the hole ? :89: )

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