We Are Heading Down To Cdo And Bukidnon

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Mr Lee
Hope you didn't buy a car while you were there Kuya Lee24 hot cars from Texas recovered in BukidnonAUTHORITIES on Tuesday seized 24 luxury cars in Bukidnon that had been stolen from Houston, Texas, following a request from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, an official said Wednesday.The FBI asked the help of the National Bureau of Investigation in recovering the vehicles, which were smuggled aboard a ship that passed through the Cagayan de Oro Port near Bukidnon, said Vic Bessat, the NBI’s deputy director for regional operations.But he would not confirm reports that a Hollywood writer had earlier sought the FBI’s help in recovering his stolen vehicle, which supposedly led to the discovery of the 24 vehicles.“We do not know the complainant at the FBI,” Bessat said.
Darn it, and I thought I had gotten such a good deal when I bought that Rolls Royce for only p100,000 hystery.gif
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