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More changes may be on the way for a tourist visa.

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Duterte to study removal of 'visa on arrival' privilege for foreigners
Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr makes the suggestion after National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr raised security concerns over the surge in the number of Chinese working in the PhilippinesPia Ranada and Sofia Tomacruz
Published 2:47 PM, August 01, 2019
Updated 2:50 PM, August 01, 2019

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte will consider the suggestion of Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr to stop granting foreigners visas upon arrival, Malacañang said on Thursday, August 1.

"The President will consider the proposal of the Secretary and if we don't hear anything from him, that means that will be the policy of the government," said Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo on Thursday, August 1 during a news conference.

Locsin made the suggestion through a tweet on Wednesday, July 31, after National Security Advisor Hermogenes Esperson Jr voiced concern over the influx of Chinese working in the Philippines.

"We need to put an end to visas upon arrival; all visas should be issued by consular offices after vetting. We must take extra care in outsourcing any part of the visa application process, picking only the most reputable worldwide," Locsin said.

Esperon earlier said he saw the large number of Chinese coming to work in the country, many of them illegally, as a threat. He added that there was a need to be "cautious" when foreigners come in, regardless of nationality, "and their intent is not clear."

Panelo on Thursday also echoed the concerns of Esperon when asked if the Palace also saw Chinese workers as a security threat.

"Ang importante diyan, paano nakakapasok 'yan nang hindi natin nalalaman.'Yan ang mas delikado diyan (What's important is, how do they enter without us knowing? That's more dangerous)," said Panelo.

But the spokesman said Chinese nationals who are in the country illegally can just be "expelled" by the government for violating immigration laws.

The Duterte administration has tried to cultivate warm ties with China in order to reap economic rewards, even if surveys consistently show that many Filipinos trust China the least among nations.

Thousands of Chinese workers are employed by Philippine Online Gambling Operations (POGOs) which are supposed to be regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor). (READ: How China’s online gambling addiction is reshaping Manila)

Insiders estimated that there are "easily" around 100,000 to 250,000 Chinese employed in POGOs. Senator Joel Villanueva had accused Pagcor of not properly implementing regulations, leading to a "loss in government income and opportunities for Filipinos."

There have been cases when Chinese workers who come to work in the Philippines are poor and exploited by their employers. They are also exposed to racism amid tensions between China and the Philippines. – Rappler.comIn these changing times, courage and clarity become even more important.


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7 minutes ago, Ram1957 said:

Well he has a Chinese problem but want to punish everyone that wants to visit the Philippines. I hope he makes the change and then people that want to visit the Philippines will choose to go somewhere else due to the hassle of getting a visa. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot.

The article is about as clear as mud. He could do it just for certain countries but to do a blanket stop would be the end of tourism to a certain extent.

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8 minutes ago, sonjack2847 said:

do it just for certain countries

If it was a targeted program, you can kiss good by visa free travel to Hong Kong and an overall worsening of relations with china.

To me this is a bit of "wag the dog". 

Personally I do not think the Philippines would be able to set up an effective online visa program like say Australia has. But each country must do what they think is best, for example Australia is one of the few (friendly) countries where an American citizen needs to obtain a visa

15 minutes ago, sonjack2847 said:

end of tourism to a certain extent.

of this there is little doubt,,,,

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Well considering that he changes his mind like the wind blows, anything is possible.


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Considering the speed with which Gov agencies work here, I could see this severely hampering tourism for PH unless Visas were applied for long in advance of travel. Most western travelers don’t just spur of the moment book a flight to PH leaving within a few days. At least I wouldn’t think so due to the costs of airline tickets for close in travel dates so, it may in theory work. Who knows. Probably not a good thing although I do see what they are trying to curb. I doubt that they would want to single out China though as that would most likely effect the flow of China currency coming in for the build, build, build programs. 

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I read that the other day. My first thought was to change the rules for countries that are a problem, not overreact with a blanket proposal.  But... you have to remember where we are ha ha.  Killing tourism would not be a concern for Big D.   :tiphat:


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29 minutes ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

Interesting.  Do not let foreigner tourists in.  Do not let your own people out without permision.  Next step is to get a guy with a crazy haircut to be the Supreme Leader


Not sure if you are aware, Dave, but China recently enacted a regulation (law?) that no Chinese will be granted permission to visit Taiwan for some time - I think it is open ended. They are upset with relations between the two  - more so than usual, it seems? - so decided to take their toys and go home...and no one goes to Taiwan...

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